Study Guides, Flashcards etc.: Types of educational literature

Guide – describing the order of actions to achieve some goal or guide.

Tasks :

  • greatly facilitates subsequent data analysis;
  • eliminates possible inconsistencies of concepts and terms, non-compliance with the logic of the process;
  • allows you to cover all topics that have a direct interest;
  • adds order, clarity, and accuracy to the resulting data;
  • controls the depth of the problem analysis.

Types of educational literature, publications.

Textbook-a book that sets out the basis of scientific knowledge on a particular subject in accordance with the curriculum and intended for teaching purposes.

Workshop – academic edition, which contains practical tasks and exercises corresponding to the absorption of the studied material.

Methodical requirements:

The workshop is designed to develop skills and application of theoretical knowledge with examples of tasks and analysis of the most common errors. The workshop may include: laboratory work and / or practical exercises;

Book summary  – can help you to know all key points of the book. You can spend 10 times less time studying the book, and you will know it no worse than those who have read it completely.  Realy great portals, such as, can help with it.

Teaching aid – educational book which contains materials on teaching, learning discipline, section, or part of education.

School textbooks are specially made and natural subjects and materials used as a source of knowledge. To Learning will help you, in the broadest sense, include a variety of textbooks, dictionaries, handbooks, maps, training, painting training, educational table, educational films, filmstrips, slides, sound recordings, instruments, models and training etc. as a so-called Training manuals are used fruits, vegetables, seed collections, Zoological preparations, herbaria, items, equipment etc. Application of manuals in educational process promotes activation of educational and cognitive activity, development of independence of pupils. Textbooks are classified into printed, three-dimensional, screen and sound engineering. The manuals should correspond to the content of the curriculum, the level of development and knowledge of students, meet economic and technical requirements, as well as health and safety requirements.

Textbook-a textbook that complements or replaces part or all of the textbook, officially approved as this type of publication.

The book of problems workshop contains learning objectives.

Reference edition, containing brief information of a scientific or applied nature, arranged in order, easy to quickly find, not intended for continuous reading.

Reader-the educational edition containing literary and artistic, historical and other works or fragments from them which are the object of studying of educational discipline.