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PACS Administrator One who is likely to deal with managing the day-to-day operations of the PACS.
Request for solutions, compared with the traditional request for proposal is Requests a vendor to respond to the institutions unique requirements
When considering stakeholders, what department or group(s) is least likely to be represented on a PACS selection committee? Nursing
What 4 groups tool are used to manage a project? Gantt chart: Project work plan: Project chart: Project status report:
What should be considered in negotiating a PACS contract? It is reccommended to involve outside legal counsel expertise.
The Request for Proposal should Be part of the Purchase contract: Be signed by appropriate representatives of the institution and the vendor: Be kept as a permanent record.
At what phase, during a project management is the ROI calculation is done in what phase? Assessment
Workflow Token Reminder or indicator that a workflow task requires attention. Usually a physical object passed from one person to another. Examples: paper exam requisitions, typed dictations to be signed (17)
Workflow Bottleneck The most inefficient step in a process; the step that defines the maximum rate at which the entire process can proceed. (17)
Workflow The steps that employees perform as tey are getting their work done, and the relationships between those steps. (17)
Work Area Zone including PACS monitors and computer system; one or several people seated or standing reviewing the same set of images and data (note: architects often refer to a workstation as being the same as a work area;
Wiki Page or collection of web pages designed to enable user to contribute or modify sat_flash_1.
Wet Read Brief preliminary interpretation rendered by the radiologist before taking time to formally and completely review the images.
WADO Web Access to DICOM Persistent Objects. Defines a DICOM stanard to access DICOM objects via the web (9)
Voxel Combination of words volumetric and pixel, used to represent the basic element of 3D volume dataset
VPN Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides data security for network elements that lie outside the pysicial enterprise. Data encryption and secure communications are critical to VPN. (25)
Volume Rendering Visualization technique to display a 2D image of a 3D dataset that retains access to original voxel data. Commonly referred 3D construction.
Essential elements of PACS The archive, the database, the broker, the network infrastructure & distribution software.
Primary functions of PACS Image transmission, display and archiving
System typical used by radiology technologist Radiology information system
RIS (Radiology Information System) Software that manages the day-to-day operations of a radiology department, or group of cooperating radiology departments.
Which component of the PACS typically communicates with both the HL7 and DICOM protocols? PACS Broker

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