Question Answer
Do protists create oxygen yes
are protists a major food source yes
Animal Like Protists Protozoans
What do protozoans cause? disease
What forms the basis of complex marine and freshwater ecosystems? Protists
Nummulitid form what type of rock? Limestone
What did the egyptians use limestone for? Build pyramids
Mushrooms, molds, and yeasts are groups of what? Fungi
Decomposer is a characteristic of what? Fungi
Yeasts have how many cells? One
What is the process in which plants use sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to make their food? photosynthesis
What are the structure in the cwll where sunlight is captured and food made? choloplasts
plants that blossoms – -have flowers/seeds angiosperm
What are flowering plants that provide food for most animals?? angiosperm
Plants used for construction of buildings, furniture, paper, and for making medicine gymnosperm
multicellular and able to moved from place to place animal
how do animals obtain food? eating
Single Celled with no nucleus Eubacteria
reproduce by copying DNA Eubacteria

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